Thank You | Family Portrait | Los Alamos NM


I went to into mini hibernation. Between rain, holidays and need of sleep I stayed away from my computer and phone in last few days as much as I could. I needed time off from constant work and feeling that I need to catch up. 

This evening I sat down to my computer to edit few images and I looked at the little Thank You Card from my client. It warms my heart , and it gives me courage that my hard work is not for nothing. 

I feel as I have so much knowledge to acquire and so many more hours of work to come. Building business, and growing as artist is like mixing water with oil. Your artist side will always separate from money, and accounting, and marketing, and financial planning. But in the end you will get beautiful lava lamp. I am not going to force it but let it be independent.  

I have no doubts of my failures and mistakes to come. I am sure I will get sad, mad and cry. But it is ok, because with them I will be stronger as a professional and I truly hope for more little Thank You cards to come.  


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