Cover Girl | Women Portrait | Los Alamos NM

  (c)Michael D Dunn

                                          Michael D Dunn                                                           Penny Meekins Photography                                                    Stormy Long Photography 

I remember when I was teen I could not wait to start wearing mascara, and when I started I seriously over did. I went through whole stage of blue-silver eyeliner, dark lips or even better, light lips with dark contouring. I also was a victim of dark eye shadows and compulsive eyebrow plucking.  

Anyway right now my makeup routine includes soap. When I feel festive or I have a day when I know that I may give people heart attack showing in public without some kind of percussion I will go crazy and apply foundation and mascara. If I do that there is no way I am styling my hair, that just takes to long. So in the end I am always half ass. I either have make up or my hair done, truly never both. To much pressure, time and hassle. 

most of the time my morning routine includes "I dont want to get up" and puppy snuggle


When I meet women who looks like they have personal hair and makeup stylist stashed in their bathroom cabinet I wonder how they do it. Are they getting up in crack of dawn and styleapplypluckshave. Side note: men should know better not to walk into bathroom when we get ready, right?! My husband always have that puzzle face when he comes in and I am cover in some kind of goo, plucking hair from places I would never think I will, and I smell like a milk/vanilla/ dirt smoothie. 

How do they find time to do all this stuff? I feel like I am always behind with my homework. My nail polish is chipping, my hair is frizzy, I have chewbacca hair bursting on my body here and there. I am hot mess. Sometimes I get inspired by pintrest and youtube  videos. I tried to do that whole easy-fast-perfect hair styling, and in the end I looked like a bird would try to nest on my head. Or I did cleaning pore mask for blackheads (it s a mix of gelatin and milk) and I ripped of half of my eyebrows. Really?!

                  maybe I should wear a wig                                                             or shower cap                                                                                   or have no brush hair day


Anyway we have days we look like crap. And its ok, because no matter what, our true beauty will always shine. Our smile is more precious than all the bathroom's magic we do. So ladies any of you can be cover girl, that's just makeup, hair and good lighting. Your beauty goes beyond that.

And for now just get good shades, some lip gloss and fab one will look at your faces when you wear fab shoes;)


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