Memory | Women Portraits | Los Alamos NM

This is my grandmother (my mom mom). Jadwiga Malejczyk. Picture was taken before World War II. She use to make me butter cookies sprinkle with sugar and best tomatoes soup there is. She told me stories of knights and princess and hugged me when my mom was away. She loved salmon color, perfumes, hats and dresses, which by the way she sew by herself. She was a seamstress, house wife and a mother. She baby sat all her grandchildren and grand grand children. She had her little white hut in a country with coal oven and straw roof. She made best jams, pickles and sour cabbage. Every fall her little hut was full of jars of goodness. Whole village loved her and visit her so much that house was never empty.  She lived through wars and twenty nine moves with grandpa. She was welcoming and curious of every ones story. She was real. She died May 15 2005 at 9 am on my mom arms. I wasn't there. I could not say goodbye. I can only keep that picture and tell you how wonderful she was.

I don't have much after her. One candle holder, this picture and lots of memories.

We skip through today thinking about tomorrow without stopping for one second, and one day we are gone. I know that the most important part my life is my family and love. Those two can carry us far and beyond our expectations.

I hope that one day I will allow new generation to look at the image I took and remember those wonderful things, love and family.


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