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I am not morning person. People who hop off the bed all cheery and ready to run 5k as their morning routine just aggravates me. If I could have my way I would totally live in hammock surrounded by books and cappuccino makers. As a change to my horrible life style of computer and some more computer, I started walking my dog in a morning. Its a stroll mixed with very deep conversations with my dog. Yeaup I am that weird lady with messy hair (there is no way I will brush my hair for a simple dog walk) talking to her dog.
I grew to believe that our life is just to short to do things we dont like. Of course sometimes we need to suck it up to get to our goals, but living your life and hating everything about it is not right.  I dont like gym, I dont like strict diets and I dont like people who are I dont have any of it in my life.
I found my way to eating healthy but loving every meal. I enjoy every minute of yoga and walks with my dog. And  I have small group of good friends who like me for who I am, and no not every person on my facebook friends list truly likes me. Some of them just are waiting for me to fail.
So on that note...good morning. Today will never come back. Live, love and enjoy it.


Paulina - I've been going through your online photos and am truly amazed at your talent! You are so gifted and I believe a high-powered desk job is certainly not for you! This is definitely what you were meant to do with your talent.
I love the honesty in your picture and your're right, not everyone is a morning person...I'm not sure I even qualify as a person before that first cup of coffee...HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

You have me cracking up this morning...I totally and the morning defiantly have a love hate relationship. I'm wishing you a super duper day

~ Happy Shooting~
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