Shape Up | Women Portraits | Los Alamos NM

I am always on a hunt for nice lingerie on budget. I look for universal peaces which I can use on different sizes and different shoots. I always buy bigger because stuff can be clipped​. The other day I found those two shape underwear things and I absolutely loved it. Not only they are feminine and simple but  also cheap! I had to try it on.

In tiny dressing room, I took off my clothes, glasses,and earrings. There is no worse thing than running out from the changing room bend half way because sweater caught on something which is attached to you. first of all when they say its shape underwear, they mean it. 

 I am sure each of you had a moment in dressing room thinking how the hell I will take it off without someone else assistance. ​As I started putting it on ​I imagine myself crying for help and than rolling ​out ​ in my granny's panties to the middle of the store knocking down the racks and scaring people around. 

Well I manage to wiggle my way into first peace without passing out and than I realized that I have to clip it together in my crotch. I was determine. As I bend half way, pull on the back giving myself instant wedgie, hold my breath and I try to aim that tiny black things in very dark dressing room. After few spins around, trying using my cell phone as flash light, I manage to close it up.....and than I was Marlin Monroe fabulous with all the curves. I loved it! I would totally leave it on if I would not have to try the second one. As  I started pulling it up things got heated up. At some point I lost my breath, got dizzy and bounced of the dressing room walls

​. Told myself that I am idiot doing things like that on my own, risking my own and other mental health.

 When I was finished with second one  I had to redo my hair, my make up was gone and  I felt exhausted. Well next time I am taking jar of Vaseline with me so I can just slid in and out...should work;)



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