My Mother | Women Portrait | Los Alamos NM

I moved to US in 2004 as a young girl with the only plan in mind, to marry a man I loved. On that account I dropped everything I had in Poland to move here. I did not care about place I was leaving but people, especially one person- my mom.

In April 2004 as I said bye to her, I felt that my heart broke in two.  That day was the hardest day in my life so far. Ten years is coming around and that wound never healed, it is as fresh as it was on day I flew to US.

As I came to visit Poland this year I had goal of photographing my mother. It is more difficult than I thought. I know how important is to have her portrait, this is how I will remember her by.  She is the legacy of me.

I tried to put my pro face on, but that did not work. Somehow all knowledge of the glamour portrait I have is so trivial when comes to capturing someone I love so much.

I forget how much I invest myself when photographing others. I have to be the strong one. I have to lead them and make sure that they can lean on me when they need to. I am the one who says it is ok. You are beautiful no matter what. I put every effort to absorb all their fears and lack of confidence.

When photographing my mom I had so many emotions flowing through me, which in the end paralyzed me.  I was not a photographer I was just a daughter with broken heart.


Beautiful. You will cherish this. Wish I had more photos of my mom.
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