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Trash Bag Gown

Year ago I was watching Bambi Cantrell workshop and she mentioned that she used black trash bags to make a gown. She did not show a image with it but I was so intrigue by it that I kept coming back to idea of making one. 

Few weeks ago I pulled out extra large trash back from my garage and broke out my sewing machine.  The whole process was pretty simple as I took plastic as it was a fabric. I used dress mannequin to pin the top and skirt and make sure that it looked right.

Model for a session was petite but I made dress with lots of room for bigger size and curves.

I kept wondering how this will look on white. I am not big fan of black on white, but I was afraid that on black background dress will disappear. Well I could not be more wrong. Since it is a plastic it has a lots glare to it and it just pop out on black background. I absolutely adore how it looks on black.

As I saw that dress on  a model everything came together.  I cannot wait for my next project to come together. It is never ending adventure for me.


John Chandler(non-registered)
So creative, and so imaginative. I have had the pleasure of photographing this creation and it is as amazing as its creator!!
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