Love | Portrait | Los Alamos NM


This is my sister and her husband. As I was visiting them for few weeks I wanted to take opportunity and create their portrait. My brother in law is not fond of being photographed, so I was rushing through to make it as “painless” as possible for him.

Looking at them I realized that they are great inspiration for Valentine’s Day. They are married for over twenty years. Struggled through many though days and challenges. But still they are so in love.

I realized that great relationship is not about being ecstatic and overflow with gifts and majestic gestures. Great relationship is the one which gives you comfort and make you feel as there is nothing better to be in. It allows you to be yourself and have someone to care for you when sick, sad and angry. Great relationship will face time, wrinkles and big belly. It will concur the lowest of you and allow you to become the highest.

When I look and Chris and Maggie I see true love. That deep everlasting fairy tale love, being stronger than anything else in human life. It is so amazing to see it and be in a presents of it. I hope each of you will experience it.



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