Bridal Portrait | Los Alamos | NM

I have been a military spouse for more than 10 years and have met numerous couples that did not have a wedding portrait due to various circumstances. When my husband and I were married, we had a small ceremony of only four guests and all the photos were taken by a family member.   We were in the middle of moving from North Carolina to Maryland and the lack of time and money prevent us from having  professional portraits.

Year  or so ago I met Norene. We kept meeting here and there during photography workshops. Few months ago as we were chatting she told me she does not have bridal portrait even if she is married eight years with four children. I instantly asked her for session with me. 

I photographed them in a studio, downtown Jacksonville, and I sneaked quick bridal boudoir in between. I photographed and interview them so I can create a little video for them. They can pass it to their children as their "wedding story".

If you know anyone who wasn't blessed with beautiful wedding portraits, please send them my way. In meantime enjoy preview from the session.




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