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The digital world amazes me. I cannot imagine life without it. As military spouse,  I have the opportunity to stay in touch with my family and friends despite being separated by thousands of miles. It makes my life easier with online shopping and checking weather for work. It is a huge part of my life.

I have always had an artsy fartsy bug to me. Photography was out of reach for me when I was a child. Buying film was like buying butter in communistic Poland....very rare. 

When digital photography came around I was beyond excited. My first digital camera was a web cam, which my husband (at the time boyfriend) sent to me so we could see each other.  I loved it! I could not get enough of it. Fast forward 13 years and here we are- me and my little business hoping to succeed.

As I started growing my photography business in last two years I realized how drastically  the average person’s perception of photography has changed. For most people, digital images are a cheap, disposable and common thing.

Digital images are everywhere. As I am sitting at my desk I can snap shots from 3 different devices with one click. And then with just one more click the image can be on the internet and shared with the world. It is so easy and accessible.

Because of that our world is full of photographers. Photographers went from being unique to just another person with camera. No one raises their eyebrow anymore.

So why do it. Well just because I can hem my own pants does not make me seamstress.  There are photographers and Photographers. It does not matter what your skill is, or style, or what kind of equipment you use.  Photography is an art. It is a way of expression for human vision of their surroundings.

We capture what is around because we know that those moments won’t last, and we won’t last either.  Passing a legacy to the next generation, directly or indirectly, gives us a comfort and perspective of our short life.

I do not believe that you can say print or digital is better. Digital has taken over every part of our lives.  Music has transitioned from vinyl records to digital, movies from film to digital, books went from paper to digital, letters went from paper to email, even prices in a stores went from stickers to digital. World is changing. And change can be scary.

For me, as a photographer, printed images are more personal and intimate. You can touch them, they are not just click on your device. They are physical representation of very important moment in your life.

I believe that there are moments which should be preserved, and should not be trivialized by a CD in a drawer. But that's just my belief.

With that said I did zero shopping in February and March. I saved all the money from spontaneous clothing/ cosmetic shopping, eating out and other miscellaneous to purchase prints.


I find that we are slowing starting to cherish things that are no longer the norm. When was the last time you received a letter in the mail? When I receive a card or letter I feel so special that someone took the time to mail it instead of shooting me an email. I feel like prints are the same. Having them on the wall in my home makes me feel so happy.

When I was younger I was always told you were not supposed to put family pictures in the living room, now our pictures are hanging as artwork above our couch.
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