Glamour | Photographer | Los Alamos | NM

I am not good with words. English is my second language and expressing my feelings and thoughts is difficult for me. I do not complain about it since that would not lead anywhere. I got use tot repeating myself and getting weird looks. I know that some people will avoid talking to me on a phone because they cannot understand me. So when it came to telling about what I do as photographer I knew I would be very challenged. How you put in few words all the ideas, feelings, and experience.
And than I met Julie. She is amazing photographer and person. I had great pleasure of photographing her maternity portrait. As we talked through the session it turn out that she is working on her videography skills... and this is how project "Glam Mom" was born. Between words "hey lets so this" and actual finish story Julie had her precious baby boy. Many months pass but the final video summarize so beautifully of what and how I do what I do. 


Penny Meekins(non-registered)
Amazing job! What a great testament to the passion you have and put into your work! Truly lovely!
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