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Life is so much easier when you have someone to share it with. Someone who will understand your happiness and sadness.


Friendship has different shapes and sizes. There are the one which last a lifetime, there are the one which helps us through specific time of our life and than fade away, and there are the one which are just flick of the moment.  No matter how long their are in our life they are part of our past and future.

When I met Caroline and Marisa I got flash back of my high school years. I had and have so many great friends from that time. In January I found one of my best friends online to whom I did not spoke for 8-9 years. I massage her and the same night we were chatting as nothing changed. For tiny moment we were back in high school talking about boys, diets and future. It just felt like home.


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Love this!!! And so true!!
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