Journey | Portrait Photographer | Los Alamos NM

We often concentrate so much on our goal that we neglected to experience the journey.
Thinking about tomorrow more than about today. I am not sure if this is because it's easier to live with hope than reality or maybe because we are taught that way. Since our first step we are rushed into system of bettering ourselves, fitting in and meeting everyone else's expectations. We miss out on years of our life trying to be special and yet the same as everyone else.
"let it go"
In last few years, I've decided it's time to let it go. Let go of crazy diets, having kids because everyone expect me to have one, being liked by everyone, being perfect, being  proper. The only thing that really counts is love in my life and true happiness.  Giving love to my husband, family and a couple of real friends is my biggest priority.
No matter how skinny, rich and famous you are, life always boils down to having someone to love and being loved back. So I let it go.  I still get side tracked by the desire to have beach ready body, being better than someone else and planning future over enjoying today.

I tell myself that my goals should not over power journey to achieving them. That journey is best part!  Maybe I do so because I am traveler by heart. 

So just for today put your phone down and listen to person next to you. Let go of your anger, ambition and jealousy. They trap your happiness. Enjoy your journey. 


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