Phoenix | Portrait Photographer | Los Alamos NM

      I truly enjoy creating. No matter if it is decorating my home or photography props. Give my hot glue gun and I will glue things to the end of world.  Couple weeks ago I found announcement on Facebook feed about Coastal Carolina Artists & Crafters Guild "Bras for Cause" charity event.  

I had stash of feather put away for a while just waiting to go into good use. After I made a run to local store to get a bra I got my hot glue gun out and went to work. 


      As I finished this beautiful bra I knew I will have hard time parting with it, so I decided to photograph it on someone more a live than my dress form.

      I totally scored for a shoot. Not only model Liz Casteel  is professional hair and makeup artist but good friend of mine John Chandler owns all photography lights there are on this earth and was willing to experiment in his studio. 

After lost of hair spray, feathers, tulle, five lights, amazing backdrop we got Phoenix in rising. Now I can let the bra go. I truley hope it will auction of with success . 





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