Bridal Portrait



I met Noreen and Mark in North Carolina. They are such a sweet couple with amazing kids. At the time I was working on blending outdoor and studio photoshoot and I came with idea of doing little bridal shoot. Noreen mention to me that she never had her photos done on her wedding day and that her dress got stolen during one of the military moves. With I knew she will be perfect fit for this session. 

She found her wedding dress in local trift store, I reached out to local makeup artist for assistance.... and than we all got to work. I photographed them for couple hours since they are both such a beautiful people. We walked around old town when I looked up and saw them standing into the light....glowing with admiration for each other. You could not ask for more. How amazing is that I can create something which shows people love and connection, something which will out live us all. Every single day I am absolutely mesmerized by this and fact that it is my career and business.


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