Branding Headshots, Video, Images | Los Alamos | New Mexico



Now days every micro and small business faces great challenge of marketing. In a world of finger sliding 3 seconds attention spam if your business  does not have ability to capture your audience and client... you will be swallowed by a mass of social media chatter.

When I met Mackenzie she told me she was in a process of lunching her bakery. For now it is home based business where she bakes with her baby boy on her hip. Her cupcakes are simply delicious but that's not enough. There so many options out there and it seems as everyone is baking via Pinterest Master Chef.


So we sat down and made a plan of what Mackenzie needed for her business to stand out through images and video. With that drafted I photographed her headshots, cupcakes and video behind scene. I created whole branding package for her cupcakery. Now she can tell a story to her clients, get their attention and stand out in a crowd.




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