Romantic Portrait | Los Alamos | New Mexico

My clients come to me not for my camera, not for fancy web site or how many likes I have. They come because they want to create beautiful portrait. I am not a technical and you wont see me with fancy equipment. My studio has more stuff from craft store than from actual photography studio...and coffee bar. You cannot live without coffee...and if you can...hats off!

Couple weeks ago I was cleaning my crafts supplies and there it is was.... pieces but there...beautiful head piece.

I called Liz and ask her if she could sit in. When she came in we giggle about girly stuff and chat evening away. As I sat down to edit images I thought about whimsical, romantic and airy. 

After couple days it came to me...bit vintage, bit foggy and whole lot of romantic. Creating beautiful portrait takes time, take bit of your soul and creativity. I cannot wait for my next project.


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