Viking | Photographer | Los Alamos

Viking Queen portrait is part of my ongoing empowerment women project. I believe that we are strong as men but we are not the same. We are unique to ourselves. As I watched "Vikings" show on Amazon. I found myself drawn to role of women in there society. 

Viking women were so different from rest of the world of their time. They run their farms, had strong rights in community, and their wisdom was a important and their beauty.  You can find great article about their roles at

As I design this image, I just searched for right person. And this is where I met Tara. She is a wife, mom, athlete and very skilled portrait photographer. When she mentioned to me that she hunts with her husband, my whole project came together with her face. Thank you Tara for allowing me to pull you in to this adventure. 

I would like to extend my thank you to amazing hair and makeup artist in northern New Mexico ( Makeup Santa Fe ). Monica you always amazed me and make my creations come to live!




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