Can I print on my own? | Los Alamos | Photographer

        I get asked quite few times "But can I print on my own?". And answers is YES you can....but....of course there is but. There is a such a thing as calibration. It is fancy world for "sync in". My camera settings, computer monitors and my printing press are all synced. Dont ask me how, because I dont want you to have nightmares of brightness, contrast and color balance. It is a maze of numbers and countless readjusting. 

 Me putting portfolio box together for my client.

Portfolio box is a unbnound album for 8x10 prints on 11x14 mats.

It gives you freedom of hanging and displaying your portraits in a style it fits you most.


Anyway because I am synced, what ever you see when I present you photos is what you will get on paper. When you take digital negatives of those same photos and go crazy on Shutterfly, Walmart or any other self printing web site I cannot guarantee results at all. It is a question of your device, printing web site, their equipment and paper they use.

Order ready. Beautiful portfolio box with two 11x14 prints on mats in 16x20 handcrafted wooden frames.


With that in mind I am devoted to producing final wall/ coffee table ready products. I want you to walk away with something in your hand. And even more I want you to have something to show to your children in twenty years. Who knows where Facebook will be at that point, right?! 


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