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This is my living room. This empty wall kept teasing  me for quite some time. I kept thinking what I would like to look at every single day. Each landscape is from different country, with a meaning to me.  The one one above is from New Mexico. I shot just after I move here year ago, that sky is so enchanting! The one below is from Poland. I went to visit my family one winter and during one of the walks I captured this very calm landscape.

It is funny how I am wired. Anytime I lift my camera I ask myself if this landscape, woman portrait, high school senior portrait or any other picture is wall "worthy"? I don't work to create thirty, forty, gazlillion pictures...I work to create amazing, breathtaking wall art. If I dont want to look at this image every single day of my life, it is not worth of creating at all. That's how I am. There is no gray area for me in this department. 

So which one I should hang "winter in Poland" or "New mexico Sky"?




I like the Winter In Poland artwork. Xo
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