Branding and Headshots in Los Alamos

Do it yourself photography is highly accessible right now. Many professionals and small business owners choose this option over professional photography mostly, because of the low cost. Unfortunately, underestimating the importance of high quality image and what it represents for your future, can cost your business way more in the end. When you have the perfect image reflecting you and your business, success can be yours. Most individuals, especially while searching the Internet, will make a decision based on their first impression of that image. You need those few seconds to reach out and speak to them! This is what a professional image will do for you and your future. 

When I sat down with Claire,  owner and operator of Claire Roybal and Associates, I explained that one selfie and a few shots of a coffee cup is not projecting her message clearly - she needed more. Claire had an ideal of the images that would effectively communicate to her clients about herself and her brand. She wanted to be portrayed as a mother, wife and professional. 

Claire is a true powerhouse and  I designed her image library around that strength and courage with her brand colors of Bold White, Black, and Hot Pink. She is a woman who will rock her baby to sleep and revive her business from the dead simultaneously. I took this challenge seriously, as I do with all my clients, and am beyond grateful she allowed me to create branding and professional portraits which express exactly as she wished.






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