Fine Art Portrait | Los Alamos

Paulina Gwaltney Photography Studio in Los Alamos just had it's first year anniversary! Yay! It was a very eventful year and a new challenge for me. I moved my business from North Carolina and had to build a new client base. Unlike someone who may have grown up in this town, I was unsure how I would be received and accepted. The beginning was a very fragile time. I was the newcomer and still am an outsider. I don't have the history a local person might have by knowing my neighbors, when they had children, their names and birthdays, when they left for college, or when they married and had grand children. Essentially, I'm missing the roots that would hold me up and nourish me when times get hard. My business is still a "baby" so most trivial things affect it.

In recent months, I had to close the door to my studio and fly to Poland when my Mom got sick. As a result, my email box and calendar emptied, with no business to be booked. I felt I had been forgotten as quickly as I had been welcomed.

Through all these challenges I have experienced a personal shift. I realized my heart is truly in "Fine Art Portraits". I plan to devote my talent to create images reflecting the essence of my client, and also a part of me. Every image I create has a bit of my soul and energy - it has a piece of me. I realized I compromised my "true self" when I tried to restart my business and studio. The cliche', "You live and learn", is very true.

I now have clear goals and objectives in mind and how to effectively bring about this slight shift. Please understand, this change is more a personal one. I invite you to be part of my growth and allow me the opportunity to create beautiful "Fine Art Portraits" for you, your family, and your business.



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