Jeff Braucher(non-registered)
I've seen dozens of Paulina Gwaltney's photographs, and I'm impressed with how she captures the beauty and essence of the people who hire her and her crew. Her philosophy is summed up in her own words: "I truly believe that there is no such thing as an unphotogenic person, just unskilled photographers." She is unquestionably a skilled photographer, and a caring one as well.
Paulina has all you might want and what you may not yet imagine in a photographer. Privacy is really important. Her studio has it! With more than one space to change and a separate grooming counter stocked with supplies you might forget to bring. Her creativity is magical from start to finish. She can also solve challenges you might have with skin, hair, makeup and colors. Her remarkable images have a timeless quality you and your family will enjoy for generations.
Sharon Anne Henderson(non-registered)
During the initial consultation, Paulina presented her service sheet for her work and thoroughly explained both the prices and her process. She explained what my photo session would 'feel' like from her side as the photographer and also asked for my input as to what I wanted to get out of the photoshoot.
Her whole approach felt like a collaboration of two artist friends with ideas and desires working toward a single vision of beauty. The way she designs a photoshoot is a way for you to tell your story but it also allows for you to see where that story might go.

The photos that Paulina captured from my photoshoot more than blew me away. I had a photoshoot with my daughter and it was so astonishing to see, now as an 'outsider,' how my daughter looked at me. I was in tears of happiness with what I saw. The quality of her portraits are so rich and so warm with a subtle stylish polish of class that the images you take home with you will be admired by all who see them.

I highly recommend Paulina to capture those moments you want to cherish forever. The moments that truly mean something and demonstrate love. Love for another person, a pet, or a profession you've honed for years. She will capture your story with the same love and attention.
Ramila Baral(non-registered)
Paulina is not just a great photographer, but also a great person! She is friendly, talented and creative -- she is truly an artist. She is great to work with, makes you feel so confident and comfortable. I have no words to describe how much I loved the photo-session, and how much more I loved the photos that came out of it! Talk to her once, and you will fall in love with how much she loves doing this! I highly recommend her for all your photography needs.
Ekaterina Davydenko(non-registered)
Paulina is truly an artist of photography! She made entire experience very pleasant and absolutely worth it. She took time and patience to created truly timeless treasure for us.
Suzette Fox(non-registered)
On a recent photo shoot at Paulina Gwaltney studio, Lily had a absolutely wonderful experience and felt so empowered and beautiful. Thank you Paulina for your constant support of young ladies and your guidance and advice. You were so professional, communicated throughout the process and would highly recommend you to family and friends!
Natalie Glass(non-registered)
I absolutely love her photography! She's super talented and pays attention to detail. She's kind and patient and helps you pose. I usually hate getting my picture taken but I really enjoyed the entire process. Paulina is a rare gem. We highly recommend Paulina Gwaltney Photography! Very happy customers.
Liz Miller(non-registered)
What a wonderful experience! Paulina is such a lovely person, both inside and out, and the photo shoot was so much FUN! She made me feel beautiful, yet natural and comfortable, all at the same time.

Her approach is both professional and friendly. She communicated everything in a timely manner, both before, during, and after the shoot. During the shoot, she let me know exactly what to do and when - I just needed to follow her directions! I left her studio with a newfound confidence, and I couldn’t wait to see the pictures.

Viewing the pictures with her about a week later made me feel beautiful all over again. I was amazed that she could take a tomboy like me and make me feel and look so lovely!

I would absolutely recommend Paulina and the talented team of local makeup and hair artists that she has assembled. Her pictures are true works of art that will make any person feel beautiful. Los Alamos is lucky to have such a talented photographer.
Monique Beyerle(non-registered)
I had such a nice experience with Paulina Gwaltney during a recent photo shoot with my pups. She was friendly and extremely professional and walked me through the whole process. She has an amazing hair and makeup professional available for shoots. She was very patient with the pups and allowed them to be themselves which is what I had hoped for. She communicated back and forth with me in a timely manner both before and after the shoot which I really appreciated. So many photos came out beautifully it was tough to decide. I received all of my photos in a timely manner from the time of ordering and am so happy with my choices and how they all were framed. I would definitely recommend her and look forward to working with her again.
Liz Martineau(non-registered)
Paulina is not just a photographer; she is an artist. She is very knowledgeable and works to ensure that every detail is covered, from the initial consultation to the delivery of the product. It was a delight to work with someone who also has excellent customer service. The results were amazing. I love my photo box! I hope to do another photo shoot with my daughters.
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